Recorded: November 29, 2007
Your Hosts: Steve Murawski, Rich Niemeier, and Keith Albright
Show Length: 59:11

A while back on our blog, I posted a review for the Windows PowerShell Cookbook from O’Reilly Press.  Lee Holmes, the author, responded to my review and, when I asked if he would do an interview for the show, he agreed.  We talk a bit about PowerShell, about his book, and the PowerShell community.  It is interesting to hear first hand from one of the developers on the PowerShell team who has not been featured on any other podcast (that I’m aware of).

Links mentioned in this show:

Precision Computing – Lee Holmes’ blog

Windows PowerShell Cookbook – O’Reilly Press

Get PowerShell

Get Powershell – V2 CTP

Listen Now:

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